Project Experience
The following is a list of major jobs that we have worked on;

Centec Electric has worked with a number of companies providing industrial electrical services siCnce we started the company in 2000. We are proud of the reputation we have built in the industry for completing jobs on time and the quality of the work we do. Here are just some of the projects we have been involved with. Click on any company logols to get more details of what we have done for them

Our reputation for quality of work and know how are what sets us apart. All of the jobs listed above were completed on time and with minimum deficiencies. We didn’t originally even bid on the Canexus Phase 6 expansion because of the dollar amount of the job and the resources required. Because of our ongoing relationship with them they wanted us to do the work and they came back to us to submit a bid and we ended up doing the work.  For the major expansion at Wyeth of which our job was $5.2M they had asked Centec to be the general  contractor on the job and overseeing all other phases of the expansion.

Recent Projects