Centec Electric has

  • Approx an additional 30 full time journeyman electricians that we have employed for a number of years
  • Additional staff in the panel shop
  • Autocad staff
  • Purchasing staff
  • Full Administrative staff
  • Web based construction software developed in house in the last couple of years
    • Foreman can post time and track job costs in real time
    • Can be accessed from anywhere with internet
    • Project managers can track budget amounts, costs etc to keep in communication with clients
    • Previously had used Primevera and Construct job but this is way above that
  • Equipment to facilitate the work including backhoes, ditchwitch, telehandlers, scissor lifts, semis and trailers, reel truck trailer, job site trailers etc

Key Members

Scott Johnston
Position:               Owner/ Partner
Qualifications:     Journeyman Electrician
Experience:         Scott was a foreman/job supervisor at Comstock a major electrical contractor in Manitoba for and State Services Group for 10 years. This gave Scott the experience needed to get their start in the business. He has been project manager for numerous jobs for Centec over the years. He has been project manager on the Wyeth Organics jobs in the past, work done for Enbridge Pipelines through the contractor Aecon, time and material work done for Tarpon Industries, Graham Industries and the Canexus Chemicals plant expansion phases 6 and 7

Butch Locke
Position:               Past Partner/General Foreman
Qualifications:     Journeyman Electrician
Experience:          Butch has been a general foreman on numerous jobs for the year. He had directly overseen work at Koch Fertilizer (Previously Simplot Chemicals). He supervised the staff when an electrical fire at the plant in 2003 had them having to work 24 hours 7 days a week and the shifts etc to cover it. Just recently he was responsible for the shut down at the Koch plant in 2010 where there were 3 shifts covering 24 hours per day and approx. 1.5Million dollar of work in just over 1 month.

Raphael Chartier
Position:              General Foreman
Qualifications:    Journeyman Electrician
Experience:         Raphael has been a foreman for Comstock in the past and supervised the construction of the Maple Leaf Pork plant in 1999. He has been foreman for numerous jobs for Centec in the past 8 years and was foreman for the work done on the Enbridge Pipeline in 2009 for Aecon. He was foreman for the Wyeth CE Concentrate job in 2007-2008 which was one of our biggest jobs to date around $5.2 Million

Danny Deschambault
Position:               Foreman/ Estimator
Qualifications:     Journey Electrician
Experience:         Danny has been a foreman on numerous jobs for centec for the last 10 years. He just overseen the Neepawa Waste Water Treatment plant expansion of approx $2.4 million which we completed in 2010. He was the foreman for the maple leaf pork expansion in Winnipeg and had been involved with Maple Leaf as a foreman in a number of jobs over the year. Just recently he became involved in our estimating side of the business which also could involve project management

Harry Pont
Position:               Foreman/ Journeyman electrician
Qualifications:     Journeyman Electrician
Experience:         Harry has worked on numerous jobs over the years as both a foreman and electrician. He has overseen the day to day maintenance for the Maple Leaf Pork plant

Bryan Bercier
Position:              Estimator/Construction Safety Office/Foreman
Qualifications:    Journeyman Electrician/Construction safety Officer
Experience:        Bryan has been a foreman on numerous jobs throughout the years. He completed the Construction Safety Course and was responsible for helping us to get COR certified. He makes sure we comply with the safety procedures on an ongoing basis and maintain our certification. He just recently also got involved in the estimating side on a part time basis.

Recent Projects