Committed to Safety

In 2005, Centec Electric and Controls became COR certified and have only received an audit score lower that 90% once (89.4 in 2008). For every audit we go through, Centec works to a saying “when you believe that you have nothing left to prove, you are already behind”. This is the mindset that we have adopted within our safety culture and even though we feel we are doing a great job, it is an ongoing process to continually set the bar higher.

Centec has 2 Construction Safety Officer’s on staff (one Gold Seal CSO) available for customer projects and guidance for our workers. Depending on the size of the project, these individuals are available in a more direct role when needed.

Centec’s commitment to continual improvement is achieved through the investment in people by safely providing providing our clients with quality products and services!

» Centec’s 9 Rules to Working Safely (PDF format)

Centec Electric and Controls hereby acknowledges the following:

  1. The personal safety, health, and well-being of every employee of Centec is considered to be of high priority and as such is an area of major commitment to the company management.
  2. We sincerely believe that good safety performance is one of the leading indicators of a well-managed, efficient and profitable operation.
  3. Our safety objective must be to achieve and maintain an honest zero accident frequency rate for each and every employee.
  4. In working towards achieving this goal our everyday attitudes must never reflect the misconception that accidents are an acceptable, unavoidable consequence of doing business.
  5. We realize that accident prevention is a shared responsibility and in order to achieve our goal all employees must work together to identify and eliminate or control hazards present in our work environment.
  6. In pursuit of this goal, the Company is committed to:
    1. providing and maintaining the facility and equipment to acceptable standards;
    2. developing safe work procedures and providing adequate supervision and instruction;
    3. making available personal protective equipment and devices as necessary to protect employees against hazards and to ensure that it is utilized.
  7. It is the employee’s responsibility to:
    1. perform their work activities in the most knowledgeable and safest manner thereby avoiding injury to themselves or fellow workers;
    2. to recognize unsafe acts and conditions at the jobsite and take action to either correct these when possible or to report them to their supervisor;
    3. to use all personal protective equipment and work wear as indicated in Company Safety Policies and Procedures and in compliance with the Workplace Safety and Health Act.
  8. Any accident is a reflection that somewhere, we have failed in our responsibilities. I trust that everyone will co-operate fully and join me in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.


Commitment to Quality

In November 2016, Centec reached the pinnacle standard of quality recognition by achieving our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

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