Utility Services

Line Locating

Hitting and damaging a buried cable is not only costly, it is also dangerous. Each year in Canada, millions of dollars are spent repairing damaged cables and covering the costs incurred from service disruptions. Before you dig, trench or drill, contact Centec Electric & Controls. Using the Radiodetection Digital Cable Location System, our line locating staff will mark underground power lines and cables so you can keep your distance.

Data & Communication Cabling and Testing

Today's companies require state-of-the-art voice, video and communication systems that are adaptable to future communication needs. Centec Electric & Controls can assist organizations with custom-designed cabling solutions and testing services.

We have experience with all media types, including CAT5, coax and fibre optic. We can analyze and verify compliance to established standards. And, our trained and experienced installers put all cabling through a series of tests in order to reduce and minimize network problems and ensure system integrity.

Recent Projects